Finally, AI assisting AI!

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Hyperparameter tuning is known to be a time-consuming and computationally expensive process. Even after you have found your optimized parameters, doubt sinks in, shall I try a bit more? The main reason being you are kept in the dark during the process. There was no way to see the big picture, until now. Here, we at AiSara are happy to introduce the state of art “aisaratuners library”, that is up to 10x faster.

AiSara proprietary state of the art algorithm is the secret sauce for the aisaratuners library. aisaratuners uses Latin Hypercube to provide initial sampling…

AiSara stands for artificial intelligence for solution approximation with robust algorithm. Aisara proprietary algorithm enables automated analysis which quickly gains clarity as the algorithm has only one mission: to find the pattern in your data with no hassle. At AiSara, we believe that artificial intelligence is made for everyone which is why we have made AiSara easy to use to allow users of all levels to benefit from it with no coding knowledge required.

Utilize AiSara to make prediction, optimization. No coding, no fuss, easiest to use.

- Zaim Awang -

No matter what industry you’re in, AiSara can assist…


We are innovation driven AI company and with our proprietary algorithm for pattern recognition, we provide state of art AI solutions to our clients.

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